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Darrin Seath is a freelance photographer based in Melbourne, Victoria. During his time in Brisbane, Queensland, Darrin began working on the local live music circuit photographing the concerts of Hip Hop collective Omni Anti, and their Blackbird e.p. cover (Hydrofunk Records, 2008). After a number of subsequent projects in the music industry with Brisbane and Adelaide based bands (From Birth to Burial), Darrin has turned his eye to landscape and portraiture photography. His positive perspective captures both the tranquility and uncertainty of his subjects, which are diverse in range. As a versatile photographer with the ability to compose photographs of both fast movement and still nature, Darrin has been commended for investing in his pictures the kind of poetic and personal elements which are usually excluded in the mainstream of picture-making. His work has also been admired for its evocation of expressive feeling, and a simple surface symmetry which compliments the depth and complexity of his subjects.

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